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Install Consul on Debian 11

Consul is a service networking tool and a distributed service mesh solution developed by HashiCorp. It is designed to simplify the process of service discovery, configuration, and segmentation in modern, dynamic, and cloud-native environments. As part of my Journey into discovering more about Nomad I also wanted to learn more about Consul. Prerequisites Install Go: apt install golang Install Make: apt install make Install Consul Close the repo. git clone https://github.…
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Why API Gateways are Important

I’ve recently took on a new role as Technical Lead on an Integration Team within a large organisation. I was asked by a semi-technical friend what the team’s products were. I covered them, and recieved the response… “What is a API Gateway?”. So here’s a quick blog post for future reference. An API gateway is the software layer that sits between an API client and an API server. It acts as a proxy, routing requests from the client to the server and returning responses back to the client.…
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Optimizing Java for AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform that lets you run your code without provisioning or managing servers. Java is one of the supported programming languages for AWS Lambda, which makes it a great choice for many applications. However, to get the best performance from your Java-based AWS Lambda functions, you’ll need to follow a few best practices. In this blog post, I’ll go over some of the most important optimisation techniques for Java on AWS Lambda.…
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