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Further thoughts on pairing during software development! (Part 2)

While being a Lead/Senior Developer on several agile development teams, I’ve seen the ups and downs of pair programming. I’ve tried to introduce pairing into new teams with different levels of success - so I thought I’d write down some of the experiences I’ve had - and the potential was of working that can make pair programming less painful. In August 2020 I wrote an article about Some thoughts on pairing during software development.…
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NPM: Maximum call stack size exceeded

You may have cloned a project and tried running ’npm install’ only to find the following error message: error Maximum call stack size exceeded There’s multiple ways I’ve found to fix this: The Safe ways: Force clear the NPM cache: npm cache clean --force npm install Rebuild: npm rebuild npm install Remove node_modules: rm -r node_modules npm install The Nuclear way: rm package-lock.json rm -r node_modules npm install As always, I hope this fixes your problem!…
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Some thoughts on pairing during software development! (Part 1)

Over the past few months, I’ve been pairing (pair programming) with other Software Engineers when working on stories during our sprints. It’s been fun, and the first time in a while I’ve enjoyed and felt rewarded while ‘pairing’. While I’m sitting in the sun, on a beach in Wales enjoying our holiday with my family, I look back and consider it hasn’t all been plain sailing… My first exposure to pair programming came as I was working on a team that was writing API’s for some of our business services.…
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