CloudLinux LVE Manager displays no statistics (lveinfo)

Posted on Apr 11, 2018

Another little fix for a issue I came across this week relating to CloudLinux’s LVEstats2

I had a server running 100% CPU, and doing an huge amount of read/write I/O - causing issues with the SAN shelf. After looking at top, I noticed the LVE process (which collects usage data on users) was consuming most of the CPU, and having a lot of read/write to the disk.

After some investigation, and looking at the lve sqlite database (/var/lve/lvestats2.db) it was apparent that LVE wasn’t updating the database correctly, and we can assume the database was corrupted. So I could then assume that users were not being restricted, and being able to abuse all the resources available - enhancing the issue further.

I found the following fixed the issue, and for good look we rebooted the server (to ensure LVE attached itself to Apache, MySQL etc on boot).

Stop LVEstats:

service lvestats stop

Backup the old lvestats database:

mv /var/lve/lvestats2.db{,.old}

Create a new database file:

lve-create-db –recreate

Start LVEStats:

service lvestats start

For good luck, reboot the server.

This then fixed LVEstats, and the CPU and I/O loads resumed to normal.

I hope this helps anyone else running CloudLinux’s LVEStats. Dan